StoneSiddh Pujashaktti Shri Nav Durga Yantra to Protect from All Negative

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Pujashaktti Sidh Shri Nav Durga Yantra is a powerful Yantra to worship all the nine Goddess Durga. Nav Durga Yantra is worshiped on Ashtami and during Navratri. Markandeya Puran contains many miraculous uses about Nav Durga Yantra. Shri Nav Durga Yantra incorporates many mantras of Goddess Bhagavati that make it highly functional. Shri Nav Durga Yantra helps you in achieving your desires, business gain, interpret your personal matter and remove all your complications and help you to defeat your enemies.

Durga Maa is the powerful goddess of shakti who destroys evil and darkness from her devotee’s life. She is the one who bestows one with courage and helps them emerge victorious over enemies. Shri Nav Durga Yantra is used to worship all nine forms of Maa Durga and ask for the divine blessings of the sacred feminine. It is a powerful tool to get rid of the business and personal problems. Navdurga Yantra is especially worshipped during the 9 holy nights of Navratri.


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