I Will BANISH all EVIL eyes Curses From You and Your Home

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Signs that you are cursed :
• Nightmares
• Depression or Oppression without Cause
• Acting Out of Character
• Headaches
• Chest Pressure While Sleeping
• Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility, or Low Libido
• Electrical Maladies
• Extended Streak of Bad Luck
• Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
• Perpetual Failure In One Particular Area of Life
I will remove curses, spells, hexes and banish evil eye 🧿  from your earthly existence and from your past lives. You will feel free and detached in your soul and in your body. I will explain to you from where the curse/spell, evil eye and blockage  came from and how you should proceed to not get affected and attacked from these negative energies.

Product 🧿🕯

1- candle 🕯 for protection

2- sage Dragons blood

3- protection crystals for home and office

4-Maa kali Dhoop siddh with yagya

5-shidh mantra 🕉

6-protection oil 🔮 maa kali

7- Aura Protection Salt


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