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Name Astrology defines your behavior, attitude, present situation and future course of action. Your name can bring a lot of changes in your life that’s why it has got importance in the Astrological pyramid.

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Change In Name to Change Destiny

Name Correction according to Astrology

A numeric value is calculated by adding up the numbers of letters and after acquiring a single digit from it. It is one of the most interesting part of Numerology and is equally important when it come to deciding your fortune. Some people have changed their names in accordance to numerologist and have seen the destiny change for better.

The Power of Names

Your name is a significant part of your identity in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that your name is linked to your destiny. It is for this reason that parents carefully and thoughtfully choose baby names. Even nicknames can greatly impact your life.

Your name is a powerful symbol that distinguishes you as an individual. It is often associated with your character and sense of purpose. The sound waves of your name have an energetic vibration which directly affects your life. Your name itself is a mantra.


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