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Kundali of a person shows the exact position of various planetary bodies at the time of his/her birth. The personal predictions and guidance on your Kundali will give various benefits.

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Telephonic online astrology consultation

1. You get to know the main reasons for all your problems, areas of concern.

2. You get to know the Upaya (remedial measures), if any required to relieve you of the accumulated negativity in the horoscope.

3. Upaya, if any, suggested, is totally Vedic, small & self-doable.

*This session lasts for 30 minutes.

*record the conversation to understand the depth, later on, re-listening it.

“My Personal Horoscope” focuses especially on the traits and truths of your Rising sign- the sign which was ascending on the Earth’s eastern horizon at the time when you were born and which suggests the sign which you were meant to be. To fully understand your unique birth chart it is essential to have knowledge of both your Sun sign (Zodiac sign) and your Rising sign. Regarding your Sun sign and Rising sign together provides you with vital information about how you differ compared to others of the same Sun sign.


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About me

Puja Shakti is an Indian Vedic astrologer, came from an Indian orthodox family of Vedic astrologers. She has acquired her astrological prowess from her father-in-law. Her predictions and remedies helped her clients from several countries across the globe.


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