StoneMoon Magic Manifestation Course 6 class

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In this Moon Manifestation Course, we will be learning how to align with the powerful energies of the Moon to manifest our dreams. In the next few weeks, you will learn the different phases of the Moon and how to align and use these energies to transform your life. In this modern world, we have forgotten the ancient wisdom of how to align with the cycles of our planet.

This Moon Manifestation course is designed to get you connected to your manifestation powers by aligning your energy with the powerful cycles of the moon.

In this course we will be:

  • Learning how to work with each phase of the moon cycle
  • Cultivating an success mindset and learning how to overcome our blocks
  • Getting clear on our goals
  • Develop deep inner confidence in yourself and your gifts
  • Learn how to tap into your intuition and trust your inner wisdom

Each moon phase has a specific energy or frequency that, when in tune with can help us to not only learn the cycles in our own lives but allows us to really connect to our selves in a way that we may not often do.


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Puja Shakti is an Indian Vedic astrologer, came from an Indian orthodox family of Vedic astrologers. She has acquired her astrological prowess from her father-in-law. Her predictions and remedies helped her clients from several countries across the globe.


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