Pujashaktti Smudge Stick Cleansing Full Moon Ritual, New Moon Ritual, Moon ceremony, Sage Sticks with flowers.

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Pujashaktti Smudge Sticks with Flowers.

Sage, Flowers  Smudge Sticks

A hand wrapped smudge sticks of sage and dried flowers
A powerful addition to your daily rituals.

White sage has long been considered a sacred, purifying plant often used to cleanse a space, crystals, or your home.

Smudging Benefits:
Smudging with White Sage is an ancient ritual practiced by many cultures throughout the world. Using the healing and cleansing energies of the sacred sage plant, you can purify an object, room, or person with this revered sacred herb.
Feel clearer & lighter, improve mood, release stress, bring balance, and heighten intuition. It is also said that White Sage can clean the air of bacteria for up to 24hrs, enhance memory & quicken the senses.


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