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Tarot ( Basic to Advance) 20 class

Course Content: Learn Professional Tarot card reading from very basic to advance on wats app includes tarot Astro, tarot numero n much more This workshop is designed to give you the perfect knowledge of Tarot predictions & remedies with How to handle your clients those who want to come in this field join this amazing workshop.

1 History of Tarot
2 Major arcana explanation in-depth.
3 Minor arcana explanation in-depth.
4 Elements of cards
5 Sets of cards that represent different issues.
6 Reverse meaning of Each tarot
7 15 plus spreads
8 Meditation with Tarot
9 Tarot spells ( Remedies)
10 The key point for tarot cards & Numerology of tarot
11 Symbology of Tarot
12 How 2 do a tarot reading.
13 How 2 design your tarot table.
14 Precautions to be taken while reading.
15 How 2 cleanse your cards.
16 How to charge your cards.
17 How 2 prepare a tarot session.
18 How 2 compare things through tarot.
19 how to get a yes & no answer.
20 how to keep n how to treat your cards.
21 Astro Remedies with tarot
22 Colour Therapy Remedies with Tarot to heal any kind of issues
23 Direction & use of Tarot cards to manifest your wishes
24 How to find anything which is lost, whether you will get it or not..
24 Which element is disturbing your Life & how to heal it as per Tarot
25 Tarot card meditation & which card to give to your client as per the situation
26 The deeper meaning of 78 cards for more deep predictions..
27 Tarot how they are connected
28 Tarot & astrology (zodiac) how they are connected
29 Elements of card n how to work with it
30 Court cards in depth
31 Few important spreads
32 Cards & Candles colors
32 Ritual to be performed before starting Reading.
33 How to use dowser while doing Tarot reading.


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