Wolf magic Crystal Bracelet Attracts Higher Positive Cosmic Vibrations.

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Wolf Charm Bracelets Men Natural Black Lava Stone Bracelets Brave

Tiger Eye

Protection Balance Positive Strength

Even the most successful people have doubts from time to time. Tiger’s Eye dramatically reduces these and protects your energy from negativity, judgment, and jealousy.

Highly regarded as a stone of protection, Tiger’s Eye cleanses unwanted energy from your aura while increasing calm and relaxing vibrations in the body. It eradicates self-doubt and supports you in making the best possible decisions.

Balancing and energizing the crown chakra, this brilliant gemstone empowers you to resolve mental conflicts. Free your mind from unclear thoughts and unnecessary tension that stops you from succeeding in life.

Release fears that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Blue Tiger eyes – wish come true

Green Tiger eyes – Money business job


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