Shukar Dant varah Dant

AUD($). 225.07
Rs. 11000

Observed Benefits:

  • Reversal of evil attentions of opponents/enemies.
  • Winning court cases.
  • Hypnotizing / Vashikaran.
  • Self-protection, psychic protection.
  • Love relationship charm, attraction & enchantment spells.
  • Career, success, promotion.
  • Good answer to Bad Luck “One after another”.

Boar Tooth/Shukar Dant – The word ‘shukar/Varaha dant’ means the tooth of a Boar. It is one of the most famous and popular tools for Voodoo, Love Spells, attraction and enchantment rituals. Such items are used to put a spell on any desired man or woman or to enhance and increase the love and affection between lovers or a husband and wife. So, if you are eager to increase the love and affection in between your family members or if you want to put an end to the disagreements between you and your friends or relatives then you should not waste time in making use of this powerful tool.

Price 11000 rs 1 piece.


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