StoneNavarna Shakti Dhoop Cones for Shadhna

AUD($). 20.00


The Navarna Shakti Dhoop Cones is the most powerful dhoop cones which contains the power of three Goddess. The three aspects of feminine energy of universe “Creation, Maintenance and Destruction” Maa Kali Maa Durga Maa Lakshmi True to their original ingredients of sandalwood flower, herbs, aromatic roots, spices, honey, natural oils, resins & wood extracts a true indian experience has been created. Pure, organic and ethically produced. Ideal for meditation and daily use and in these convenient little cones. A divine fragrance for the soul


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Puja Shakti is an Indian Vedic astrologer, came from an Indian orthodox family of Vedic astrologers. She has acquired her astrological prowess from her father-in-law. Her predictions and remedies helped her clients from several countries across the globe.


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