Capricorn Weekly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

The horoscope 2020 readings suggest that Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn will sit in the 12th position of your zodiac.  It shows that the financial problems you faced last year will persist at the beginning of this year as well. Presence of 5 signs within your year horoscope chart, can create slight difficulties for you. But there will also be benefits for people who run their own businesses. You will get an opportunity to expand your business outside of the country at this time. You can get success in the field of import-export as well. There are also chances of you traveling abroad or away from your birthplace.


This year, Saturn will change zodiacs on January 24th and enter your zodiac sign creating beneficial times for you, this is especially considered auspicious in terms of your work area, but its impact will also be on your love. Because when you are doing well in the work area then you will be happy. Which will keep your mind cool.


In the year of 2020, Saturn will change from your horoscope on January 24 and this will change create a beneficial results for you. This is going to be beneficial for you in many ways. Due to the effect of this yoga, you will get a great change in the situation of your workplace in the form of a promotion. You can also get the responsibility for a new project. Your position and prestige will increase in the office.


Ketu will change the zodiac, but at the beginning of the year, the 12th position of your zodiac hart will have the presence of four planets and this will increase your sense of faith in you. After the change of Ketu, Ketu will be in the 11th house of your zodiac sign. Ketu is considered to be auspicious in such a case and this will benefit you in many ways

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