Libra Weekly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

This year, you can visit any religious or spiritual place with your family. You will get the expected support of younger siblings this year. Mars is in its own place, the 2nd house and because of this if you have been in a dispute about property in the family then you can expect it to be resolved this year. In the early days itself, Saturn will move to the 4th house and Saturn is the owner of your 5th house, which is also indicating that you will get good news from your child’s side. At the end of March, Jupiter also will come with Saturn and create favorable circumstances, this may also bring you an opportunity to celebrate happiness in your family.


Venus is the lord of your zodiac, as well as the factors of love. The presence of Venus in the 4th house which is associated with happiness is making the chances of romance for you. The Creation of auspicious circumstances in the 3rd place of your zodiac is also creating chances of some memorable journey with a partner. The lord of the 5th house of your zodiac sign is Saturn which is sitting in the 3rd house, Mars is sitting in the 2nd house, looking at your 5th and 8th houses and this is creating good circumstances for your romantic life. However, Rahu is also sitting in the 9th house which is creating some friction in your relationship. This means that you have to control your anger or you can take a wrong decision that will affect your personal life


Libra horoscope 2020 will continue to provide success for you in your career. If you are interested in starting a business of your own then you can also get the required support of family members. In the last days of January,  Saturn is coming to the center with your zodiac sign. Being the lord of the 5th house, Saturn is sitting in the 4th, which is creating chances of an increase in your reputation. The prospects of a promotion will also be made for you from here.


This year Saturn is also changing the zodiac sign. Saturn’s change is expected to be beneficial for you because Saturn is going to be placed at the center of your chart. Being in the 4th house Saturn will create auspicious opportunities for your children.

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